Cross Border Solution

EPG’s dedicated China team affords your brand the luxury to reach a highly sought-after Chinese consumer with limited risk and simplicity.

We specialize in a seamless transition pushing brands into new markets. EPG works with King and Wood Mallesons international law firm to establish and protect your brand’s IP.

We serve 500 cities in China through our own dedicated operations, use effective stock control and transport management system. Our specialized B2C division services retailers’ online distribution needs.

Logistics & Warehousing

Finding the right logistics and warehousing solution in new markets can be time consuming. Our bolt-on logistics and warehousing services offer full import and export license in China. This includes being MOR or IOR on behalf of your organization.

Specialized Sectors

  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Health & Wellness
  • Sports
  • Pets
  • Education

Platforms We Offer

IBD Destinations connects international customers with recognized, international brands. We work with key shopping destinations, major department stores and brands in the UK, AU and US. IBD provides a dedicated global tourism shopping directory, to build awareness, sales, and customer acquisition as part of its international brand strategy.
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A unique website and app that allows retail buyers to interact with beauty brands directly, and for both to connect with influencers and consumers in real time. BeautyHive is a casual online lounge that provides everyone a comfortable setting to ask questions, get unbiased professional, and personalized advice. Influencers are consistently incentivized to share content and get involved. Retail buyers reduce risk, based on preexisting data shared by consumers and influencers. A trusted destination to connect, interact, and create partnerships.
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