IBD Delivers Qualified Shoppers To Your Destination



IBD Destinations is a premier shopping destination platform offering over 40 exclusive shopping destinations and more than 400 fashion brands. The platform delivers a constant stream of Chinese shoppers to top shopping destinations & brands around the world.

ELLE Shop China pushes consumers directly to IBD Destinations increasing traffic to your destination and to your merchants who are looking for traffic and increased sales opportunities.

  • Connect with proven fashion shoppers
  • Increase traffic to your destination
  • Brand your merchants to over 300 million
  • Affiliate & promotional programs available
  • Approved destinations pay nothing if signed by 1st qtr. 2020

Over 40 Leading Shopping Destinations
Access to Over 400 Fashion Brands

About eCom Products Group (EPG)

Ecom Products Group (EPG) specializes in destination marketing, cross-border market entry, and social commerce services. We offer a full suite of market entry, social influence, and eCommerce solutions. With access to a substantial list of sales and marketing channels, we offer new market entry solutions both domestically and cross-border. EPG will position your brand in new markets to ultimately increase ROI.

EPG Provides Market Entry Into China & More

  • New Market Brand Positioning
  • Logistics & Fulfilment
  • Connecting Brands to exclusive sales channels:
    • IBDShopAbroad
  • Stand alone brand promotions to Chinese consumers
  • Social Commerce
  • Promotions

Connecting Brands to New Consumers in New Markets

Why Join IBDShopAbroad

Reach over 300 million new consumers, increase ROI and leave the heavy lifting to us.

Shopping Destination Services

  • Direct link to millions of proven fashion-conscious shoppers ready to travel
  • Be in front of shoppers when they are ready to make a buying decision
  • Professionally setup your properties landing page on our site
  • Professionally setup & managed social media channels
  • Link your destination directly from our platform
  • Drive traffic to your site both online and to your merchant’s retail space
  • We can manage Influencers (Referenced as KOLs in China)
  • We can provide cross-border services to simplify market entry
  • Logistics can be setup
  • Import / Export license

Simplifying Cross-Border & Increasing ROI

Destination & Cross-Border Marketing Plan of Action

eCom Products Group will work with your destination team and merchants to ensure a smooth onboarding process

Brand Manager

EPG can assign a Brand Manager to oversee and support brand entry into new markets in China, UK, or US


Through our resources, EPG will increase brand awareness with fashion forward Chinese consumers

Onboard Brands

Brand manager can assist in uploading products and listing on social channels


If required, EPG can act as the Importer of Record & support cross-border fulfillment


EPG has resources to assist with social influence, entertainment marketing, KOLs, affiliate marketing and eCommerce


EPG can work with your team to update new products, promotions and special holiday offers