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eCom Products Group Acquires Elle Shop

LOS ANGELES, January 30, 2020 ( – Andrew Waters, Executive Chairman of Florida-based company eCom Products Group Corporation (EPG) (OCTBB: EPGC): announced today their agreement to acquire ELLESHOP China. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. Waters and CEO Jody Sigmund, the acquisition will be a smooth transition into EPG’s already expansive social commerce services, sales channels, and cross-border portfolio.

Peer brand validation. Photo: OFF-WHITE. Illustration: Haitong Zheng/Jing Daily

Holding the Keys to China Luxury

No need to let the unknown stop you from pushing your brand cross-border into alternative high growth markets. Learn how the Chinese middle class could make or break your business. U.S. is saturated – get to know what’s out there for your brand.


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U.S. Chinese consumers research products in U.S. and China. Photo: Shutterstock

U.S. Based Chinese Consumers

Chinese consumers living in the U.S. will research your product on both Western and Chinese channels, so your branding and voice must stay the same across channels. U.S. brands cannot market to a U.S. based Chinese consumer the same as they would a China-based consumer.

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Chinese KOL, Li Jiaqi. Photo: @李佳琦 Weibo. Illustration: Haitong Zheng/Jing Daily.

Livestream Rocks China’s KOL Market

Internet celebrities and consumers can learn a thing or two from Li’s “rollover” incident. KOLs should test their products first before live-streaming, but most importantly, don’t cheat viewers to increase commissions. Without the consumers’ trust, it’s very hard to sell anything.

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Skincare has been a buzzword among millennials around the world. Photo: Shutterstock

China’s Skincare Obsession

In recent years, skincare has been a buzzword among millennials around the world. However, while the Western millennials are mostly framing skincare as an act of self-love, the Chinese millennials are approaching it as a 24/7, 365days per year commitment.


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People subconsciously ascribe enhanced attractiveness to luxury, and that expected attractiveness drives the value of luxury products significantly. Photo: Shutterstock

Why Luxury’s Hidden Value Drivers Matter to Brands

Luxury is an elusive concept. When most people think of luxury, they think “expensive.” And, yes, the price point of luxury is typically in the top 1 percent of all products in a category. However, a product in this extreme pricing tier will only be successful if the value it creates matches the price.

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