/ ELESHOP is the fashion lifestyle platform of e-commerce, part of Hearst Group

/ Online guidance, experience sharing, shopping experience, community interaction as an integrate cross-media platform.

/ In November 2011, ELLESHOP formally launched.

/In June 2016, ELLESHOP inside updates its system for the new revision

/Headquarters are located in Beijing, branches in Shanghai and Hong Kong

Market and Audience


In China, people from 25 to 40 years old are the fashion followers chasing for individuality and fashion.

/ Maverick, they have their own unique ideas and innovation.

/ Sensitive to the trend, their dressing style express their personality and

/ Have their own various small circle of friends, but also opinion leaders

/ they not only like online shopping, through social networking they also stay focused on fashion tendency of famous stars and celebrities, easily influenced by the media and celebrities.

Market and Audience

Geographical Distribution
With the recent rapid development of Chinese economy, the audience also showed growth trend, currently at the core of the coastal and eastern regions and the radiation to all the country.

Age Distribution
Mainly concentrated in the core audience of 25–40 years old women with strong consumption power and the pursuit of fashion as the main target of market purchase.

ELLESHOP provides reliable, affordable, convenient shopping channels to fashion consumers through building innovative internet platform.



POINT 1 Deep Resources Integeration of Hearst Group (China)

/ Hearst Group (China) entered China since 1¤88 as a pioneer in the quest for cutting–edge fashion information, celebrity entertainments, lifestyle and other fine contents. The monthly magazine has issued more than 13 million copies, and ellechina.com ranked first in the influence on fashion of Chinese women as the website receives over 12 million monthly visits. ELLE, as a magazine of the Hearst Group provides Elleshop a powerful media outlet with high–quality content, and constantly updates on international fashion and entertainment headlines.






Official website of ELLE China provides navigation, advertisements and database of registered users.

Products of ELLESHOP showcased in ELLE magazine.

ELLE TV advertising,rolling subtitle with the website link of ELLESHOP.

Shared KOL and celebrity resources including celebrity VCR, with Hearst Group’s all official channels interactive communication.

Associate with ELLE to conduct a joint annual fall event, invited guest rights, Hearst attended sponsored events by ELLESHOP with senior administration.

POINT 2 More Than 2 MiIIion Users of CMB & ELLE Co–branded Card

The CMB & ELLE co–branded credit card is a modern card for women only. lt is not only designed fashionably and attractively, but also completely functioned, offering special discounts. The card fully meets the various needs of stylish savvy women, so it is called the card of achievements of women’s perfect life attitude


/ Modern credit card for women only

/ 3% discount for annual subscription of ELLE magazine.

/ ELLE VlP membership.

/ Opportunities for invitation of ELLE & ELLESHOP EVENTS.

/ First–hand information and discounts of fashions, skin cares, cosmetics, etc.

POINT 3 Superior Information Stream Domained The New ELLESHOP


/ Focus on superior content, diverse experience Superior content dominates the product exhibition, coordinating with information stream notifications to optimize and enrich shopping experience.

/ High–end 360˚ visualization
360˚visualization of merchandise created by professional photography team.

/ Celebrity footprint marked on the website
The browsing history of celebrities will be specially marked on website during the AD shooting to stimulate purchase.

/ Hidden bonus
Coupons will be randomly found while browsing the website.

Information Stream

/ Professional Editing Team
ELLESHOP editing team are built with professional editors from ELLE magazines, getting direct and exclusive resources from brand partners to provide the first–hand information in fashion industry.


/ Plentiful Content Sections
Sections of brand stories, editor recommendations, special events, interviews, product evaluation provide our partners plenty of choices for advertisements.

Photography Team

/ Exports For Photographs & Videos.
On–site: information stream section, video section, videos of product, shopping guide section.
Off–site:Strategic cooperation with new media video platform such as ELLE TV, YITIAO TV, etc. Setting up publicity section with YOUKU, TUDOU video portals.


/ Team Members
The team consists of famous photographers, coordinator, graphic designers, videographers. The average amount of daily product shooting is 12 pieces, including preparing, shooting, post–producing, editing, updating smoothly and effectively.

Other Brand Cooperation

Other Brand Cooperation

POlNT 4 E–shopping Guide Magazine With Unique Visual Style


/ E–shopping guide magazine with unique visual style under Hearst Group’s copartnership ELLESHOP.

/ Marketing based on the upmost popular news in fashion industry to promote and sale combining with ELLESHOP online events.

/ We advocate high taste, individual lifestyle by the most stylish photograph to stimulate our customers.

9 Channels

covering details of high quality urban life

Cover Story Stories based on design, brand, icon, culture.

Top List global fashion topics, news, celebrities, hot product

Vision celebrities photograph, video, interview, interaction

ldea combine classic accessories with fashion inspiration

Model shooting and interview of top models

Show street style & interview of online celebrities and icons

Expert interview of famous fashion leaders and entrepreneurs

Sport Report of extreme sports elites and new lifestyle

Game interview of popular electronic sports industry & players

Shopping Guide/ Costumes for ELLESHOP VlSlON shooting all from ELLESHOP. Click tag for detail and purchase.
Visualization/ Famous photographers and make–up artists ensure the artistic visualization to convert the pioneer concept of fashion.

POlNT 5 Cooperate With Hunan TV Series She was Pretty

ELLESHOP Will Be the Protagonists’ Career Background, Plots Customized

/ Director:Zhao Chenyang /Air:Nov.2016 Hunan TV /Online platform:Mango TV, LeTV

Brand shown on clothes, press conference, Wechat & Weibo marketing, TV posters and other resources will all be beneficial for ELLESHOP. The dram draws its materials from modern life, making audiences easy to sympathize with the story to enhance the visibility of ELLESHOP.

POINT 6 New Media Strategic Copartnership

Accumulated More Than 417 Million Users

Yotiao TV
Yotiao TV

Short life online videos

VV 4.8 billion Weibo fans 1.57 million

OZ APP & website
OZ APP & website

E–commerce platform for woman underwear
APP download .5 million


Content recommendation based on data mining

Users 4 million Daily activated users 47 million
Monthly activated users 125 million


First domestic sports & fitness App

Users 13.7 million Monthly download 15–75


E–commerce platform For photo network

Users 1 million Wechat PV 1 thousand

/ ln 2016, ELLESHOP will cooperate with more APPs to build multi–dimensional platform to meet the demand of customers, also integrate resources in Wechat, Weibo, official website as well as online and lading events.

POINT 7 Weibo & Wechat Marketing

/Elleshop Blog and Wechat work in with the promotion plan of APP and WEB to do promotion for products. Meanwhile, the two platforms also have direct access to the end of APP and WEB shopping interface for direct conversion of the drainage flow̶ln addition, Elleshop official Blog and Wechat will also operate as a fashion We–media, from the fashion, entertainment, film and television content to collaborate with Media.

Point 8 Landing Events

Pop–up Store

Occasionally hold small but delicate pop–up store, selecting some representative products for exhibition and sales. We divide this event into three periods, respectively facing to the groups of media people, artists with their broker group and general public. Promote the brand image around the ‘consolidation of marketing channels, creating of high–quality style, mass reputation of general public’.

Fashion Salon

On ELLESHOP high–end fashion salon, we will invite fashion medias, designers, artists, brokers, fashion bloggers, well– known fashion buyers to participate and communicate. At the same time we will set up a different theme for each issue, grasping the direction of fashion in the first time and enhancing the brand to maintain good relationships in Fashion Circle, thus making a good promotion.

Fashion Club Reception

Hold fashion club receptions for some customers who have large consumptions, setting up appropriate topic for each reception and give audiences souvenir or coupons. Maintain high–end customer groups and brand reputation to pull the large consumption.


Content Marketing




Phone APP



  • Auditing Standards
  • Cooperation Method & Process
  • Logistics Management
  • Payments


Retail Platform

Features of Brand Cooperation

ELLESHOP has established a strategic partnership with the Galeries Lafayette, Crawford, l.T, etc. We will reach authorization in E– commerce or exclusive sale agreement with more than @ domestic or international well–known designer brands. After we are back online in June,21@, we will expand the field of trend on the base of the original route of elegant women and be the first to introduce domestic and foreign hot Tide brands. We respect original brands and protect their rights and interests, and work together with these brands to make the most authoritative top Fashionable platform. As a leading enterprise in the field of e–commerce within China, ELLESHOP persists in obtaining authorization as the premise for the sale of the brand.


I. Introduce popular foreign brands which have not been introduced before.

II. Get authorization from brands which are popular purchasing on other e–commerce sites.

III. Advanced introduction and promotion of brands which are favored by international celebrities, fashion magazines, fashion icons, bloggers, film & TV.

IV. Exclusive design of best sellers for ELLESHOP and designer collaboration with ELLESHOP.

V. Limited edition of international luxury brands and runway edition of Big Four international fashion weeks.

Part of Brand Lists

Auditing Standards For Brands

  • Style and brand image consistent with the need ELLESHOP platform image
  • Regardless of the level of brand popularity, brand products have a high quality and cost–effective
  • Brand sales need to reach a certain size, and operating more than two years uninterrupted

Cooperation Method & Process

/ System (Abutment with brands’ backstage)
/ Trade Operations (Sales management, store displays, art and design, etc.)
/ Warehouse Logistics
/ Marketing

/ Seasonal products and products information (brand story, product images, press pictures)
/ Tax Receipt
/ Basic Product Packaging
/ Co–promotion

Logistic Management – Consignment warehousing