Ecom Products Group (EPG) specializes in cross-border market entry and social commerce services. We offer a full suite of market entry, social influence, and eCommerce solutions. With access to a substantial list of sales and marketing channels, we offer new market entry solutions both domestically and cross-border. EPG will position your brand in new markets to ultimately increase ROI.

EPG Provides the Following for Market Entry Into China

  • New Market Brand Positioning
  • Logistics & Fulfilment
  • Connecting Brands to exclusive sales channels:
  • Stand alone brand promotions to Chinese consumers
  • Social Commerce
  • Promotions

Connecting Brands to New Consumers in New Markets

New Markets, New Sales Channels, New Social, New Consumers

Cross-border market entry made easy

EPG provides high impact, low cost, cross-border solutions offering easy access & distribution through channels like ELLE SHOP China and International Brands Direct shopping channel.

EPG simplifies cross-border marketing and sales from click to ship.

We can setup and manage your social media. We can even act as your Importer of Record to facilitate the import tax payments and fulfillment.

The following pages will show how we will introduce your brand to over 300 million shoppers through ELLE SHOP China and International Brands Direct.

High-impact, low cost cross-border solutions

Brands Made for China

Select brands are positioned as trendy new products for fashion forward consumers to shop on your website, through social channels, or in store.

EPG’s brand managers attend top trade shows in US, UK, and AU in search of brands that will do best with the Chinese consumer.

Simplifying Market Entry From Click to Ship

Reach over 300 million new consumers, increase ROI and leave the heavy lifting to us.


  • Professionally setup & managed social media channels
  • Manage Influencers (China calls them KOLs)


  • Product Placement on Cover of ELLE (to 300M consumers)
  • Product Listed on ELLE Online Sales Channel
  • Listing on IBD – International Brands Direct shopping channel


  • Simple Import / Export & Cross-Border shipping options
  • Reduced product returns
  • Zero Inventory Costs

Simplifying Cross-Border & Increasing ROI

International Brands Direct Online Shopping

EPG’s International Brands Direct delivers consumers to your doorstep

IBD Destinations is our premier shopping destination platform offering over 40 exclusive shopping destinations and more than 400 fashion brands. The platform connects Chinese shoppers with top shopping destinations & brands around the world.

ELLE SHOP China pushes consumers directly to the IBD Destinations platform to increase reach, branding and foot traffic at shopping destinations all over the globe.

Your brand will be accessible on both platforms to over 300 million Chinese consumers who are actively seeking trending brands from abroad.

Over 40 Leading Shopping Destinations
Access to Over 400 Fashion Brands

EPG’s Approach for Cross-Border Marketing in China

EPG Will Take the Following Approach to Support Your Brand

Brand Manager

EPG will assign a Brand Manager to oversee and support brand entry into new markets in China, UK, or US


Through our resources, EPG will increase brand awareness with fashion forward Chinese consumers


Your brand manager will assist in uploading products and listing on social channels *social media service fee is extra.


If required, EPG can act as the Importer of Record & support cross-border fulfillment


EPG has resources to assist with social influence, entertainment marketing, KOLs, affiliate marketing and eCommerce


EPG will work with your team to update new products, promotions and special holiday offers

Affiliate Fees (USD)
Affiliate sales commissions10%

EPG acts as Importer of Record on all imports

2.5% (based on import price)


Agree and Go…

  • Choose your package
  • Agree on your brand’s offering and collaterals
  • Choose additional EPG service offerings
  • Choose cover month
  • Implementation of agreed cross-border campaign