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Market Entry
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Market Entry
"They totally get the whole branding thing"

With a wealth of experience in cross border market entry and destination marketing, our teams in China, UK, AU, and US specialize in pushing brands into new markets.

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Market Positioning
"New markets, new rules"

Your brand positioning, tone, and overall message can be lost when targeting a new audience especially when entering new markets. Our creative team and copy writers ensure that the voice of your brand is not lost when entering new markets. We also provide translation services.

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Content Curation
"Is that a thing? Oh, it's definitely a thing"

We don’t just write great copy and post pictures. We first research and listen. Understanding who your audience is helps us curate engaging content and stabilize brand loyalty.

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Social eCommerce
"We got you covered from Click-to-Ship"

Understanding the psychology behind consumers, influencers, social media, and their buying habits allows us to design a better user experience that helps increase conversion and ultimately improve ROI.

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To minimize confusion & business risk by establishing the brand DNA, social connection and seamless cross border distribution.


To provide an inventive strategy of execution that leads the client to the actualization of their concept and vision through capital resource, innovative brand management and impeccable customer service.

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Simplifying brand success, from click to ship...Say #helloEPG

The Team

A partnership with EPG ensures you will have access to our entire global team.

Photo of Andrew Waters
Andrew Waters
Executive Director
The Don
Photo of Jody Sigmund
Jody Sigmund
CEO | Marketing Director
The Handler
Photo of Tim Smith
Tim Smith
The Conduit
Photo of Tia Dang
Tia Dang
Operations Manager
The Blow Fish
Photo of Desmond Koval
Desmond Koval
Project Management
The Bronx
Photo of Leah Orley
Leah Orley
Business Development Manager
The Executioner
Photo of Dana Green
Dana Green
Digital Marketing Manager
The Negotiator
Photo of Hery Made
Hery Made
Web Developer
The Binary Man
Photo of Kaitlyn Dreyer
Kaitlyn Dreyer
The Noise
Photo of John Marciano
John Marciano
Skin Care Formulation Chemist
The Mixer
Photo of Skye Lorynne
Skye Lorynne
Social Content
The Storyteller

Our China Team

Photo of Lisa Chai
Lisa Chai
GM Services China
Photo of Wenssi Shi
Wenssi Shi
Photo of Sunny Chen
Sunny Chen
Photo of Echo Zhang
Echo Zhang
Marketing & Sales
They have something to say


They get social media
Gina B. | Celebrity MUA
You'll love their creative team
Tim S. | Investor
The take the guess work out of eCom
Ray G. | BVGiWear
EPG made it simple to launch our brand in China
Terry K. | Bloomingdales
Reach millions of buyers worldwide
Andrew | FCP
When you want answers, say hello to EPG
John C. | Los Angeles beauty team
Creative, straight forward, simple, and to the point. Thanks EPG for all the sales
Ms. Erlick | ABC Olympics
Social Influence
Lifestyle marketing
Affiliate marketing

Clients, Partners & Platforms


As the number 1 tattoo studio in Bali and Australia, the owners wanted a website that reflected their studios and their artists. We took a different approachn to developing their online presence. Most studios just place square pictures of their artists work. We created a landing page that had separate links to each studio and proceeded to tell a story for each studio. The site was more of a storybook with different stories behind each tattoo and a profile for each artist.

From the owner:
"MPG makes it look so easy. Everything we asked them to do, they did. Their entire team takes the time to listen and they always remember the details." Kiara


Having nearly a decade in the footwear industry, we were seasoned in the manufacturing and product development of women’s footwear to help Matisse Footwear in the creation and build of their seasonal lines.


Working with actor Steven Seagal and his team, we were involved in the “...premiere of "Steven Seagal Lawman," A&E's most-watched series launch ever, and more than doubled the network's prime time audience average” in 2009.

Robert Graham
Mickey's Beer

Mickey's Beer asked me to come up with something creative to reach a new audience. We partnered with one of Southern California's premier action sports magazines and launched an "under the cap" promo inviting the readers audience to win. We also brought in other 3rd party relationships to further expand the brand.

MGM Grand

Tasked to design a multimedia campaign for Affliction Clothing, we approached Tropic Beauty pageant director to direct and film their world finals. We negotiation to air the filmed content on Planet X TV reaching over 90 million homes across the US. MGM hosted the finals in Las Vegas. 125 contestants were flown in for the event. We brought in Robin Leach of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” to host the event.


As director of operations at one of southern California's top action sports magazine, I worked with ESPN X Games developing experiential campaigns for the action sports brand.

We worked with top athletes like Travis Pastrana creating fan related experiential events during the X Games.

Campaigns included live events, social media interaction, audience engagement and more.

Bali Tropix

The campaign was developed from ground up. We first had to develop a quality body care product. Then the real work began. How were we going to launch a new skin care line and stand out against all the other brands. I needed to find brand ambassadors with their own fans. We would need to keep their attention. How about a beauty challenge only you had to be beautiful inside and out. You could be from anywhere in the world but during the competition you had to be in Bali.

Harvey Nichols
Kintu New York

CORR racing and Lucas Oil had just started a new off road racing division. They asked me to help build their brand's cool factor. I developed a series of live events, wrote and placed editorial in different media and arranged special cross promotions with other key brands. They increased their race attendance by over 300% within 6 months.

Royal Caribbean

Representing an accessory line, we placed the merchandise on the cruise ships and ports with promotional display units and seasonal campaigns to promote the product before, during and after the guests embarked on the voyages.

Copper Chef
Home Shopping Network

Adhering to the strict guidelines of marketing, supply chains and manufacturing, we collaborated with HSN on their resort segments to showcase an accessory line we represented.


We were brought in to develop interactive events for brand executive throughout Colorado over a 10 day period. Our team created activations ranging from psychedelic parties, cowboy bars in the middle of nowhere. We flew in set decorators and special effects experts to make sure the experiences were memorable. We were not allowed to film.


We developed interactive campaigns and live events at venues the likes of Honda Center. We developed athlete awareness campaigns placing them in movies. Online model search boasted the highest traffic ever. Through a list of social media chats, interactive promotions and more we increased sales at the store level and online.

Honda Center

Honda Center and Affliction asked us to create something big. We wrapped a 50' MCI bus and trained 24 top models on the art of "Flirt Marketing.” We traveled from LA to Vegas entering clubs, hotels, pools and casinos every week. Models were competing to be an official MMA ring girl and for cash. We coordinated the win to take place live at the ESPN weigh-ins which included the first ever "in ring" photo shoot.


Helped oversee the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics. Everything from hotel and flight bookings, as well as a host of private functions.

Century 21 Department Store

Hornitos was a client that needed some serious branding in the Southern California region. The campaign targeted hipsters in the night scene and what better way than to hold a competition spanning across Hollywood, Orange County and most Southern California beach community. The campaign included a tour, product placement and of course special pouring at clubs.


A six year relationship as a vendor to Nordstrom stores in the Southeast and West (including Hawaii), we successfully sold through in their Dept. 36.

Thin Lizzy
Tangle Teezer
Saks Fifth Avenue
Little LuLu's
The Sloane Club

Partnering with regional merchandising managers across 9600+ stores in the United States, we assisted with campaigns, promotions and merchandising a footwear wholesale company we represented.

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